How it works: VideoNab (mostly using magic!… and perhaps software code) scours YouTube looking for videos related to a topic that you choose! It then places the videos into your WordPress site as SEO-boosting posts. Once on your site, you have control over what is displayed, how often the videos are refreshed, pagination, filter toggles, and more. You can even edit the title and description for each video, block videos, and change their order. Check out a few of the more robust features below, and don’t forget to see our demo!

Topic-Based Video Aggregation

You set the topic, and VideoNab does the rest. The event scheduler allows you to specify how often you would like VideoNab to crawl Youtube for new videos. Via this schedule, VideoNab scours YouTube ONLY for new videos (it will not post duplicates) and then places them into a beautifully designed list that can be integrated into any site.


A Rich Voting and Commenting System

Your website visitors will be able to vote your videos up by use of the Facebook Like button, and can comment either only on your website, or also directly to their Facebook Timeline. This does wonders for gaining traffic and popularity.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.52.40 AM

A Beautiful, Responsive Video Stream

VideoNab organizes every video, automatically, into a paginated video list that will integrate perfectly into any site design. On top of that, every feature is 100% responsive. Check out some of the features that appear in a SINGLE VIDEO POST:


An Unrivaled Ability to Share and Grow

With VideoNab you’re essentially implementing a fully-fledged viral marketing campaign. As you might have guessed, video-sharing runs rampant and gains an incredible amount of traffic on YouTube. While the YouTube videos still get their hits (and thus help out the original authors) the traffic will be streaming into your site, pushing thousands of users to your content.


 A Concise Yet Powerful Admin

As you can see in the image below, VideoNab integrates seamlessly into your WordPress Admin section in a neatly organized collection of settings and customizations. See below to get an idea of the power you’ll be wielding with this thing.


 Elegant Videos Displayed in Full HD

Videos are displayed in an elegant design, are fully responsive, and allow your users to choose their viewing preferences. You can also see that all pagination, commenting, voting, and sharing are automatically implemented based on your specifications.


These features are but a few of the benefits you’ll find when using VideoNab, and we have a lot of plans in the works for future updates (all included free with purchase of course!). Feel free to check out the demo for a hands on experience, try the free version, or pick up the Pro plugin here.


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