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VideoNabPro is an elite WordPress plugin that allows you to add a video stream to your site. The biggest bragging point, however, is that it is fully automated! Videos are automatically “grabbed” on a set schedule based on the topic that you set, while filtering out the rest. No duplicates, justa steady stream of fresh content.
VideoNabPro works on any site that runs on WorPress.
VideoNabPro is literally powerful enough to base an entire website on. Cute Cat videos? Boom, you have a website with constant new content every single day. It is also perfect for websites that need to organize dedicated videos, such as tutorials, film reels, and so on. Furthermore, it’s absolutely perfect for hosting competitions as each video posted can be voted upon by visitors.
The lite version is perfect for users needing only a few videos, and no voting capabilities or automation. The Pro version adds a LOT of powerful functionality, which truly doesn’t exist anywhere else. Namely, the ability to automatically schedule video aggregation based on ANY topic/keywords, voting on videos, advanced sharing/commenting, and more. With the Pro plan, you also get the advanced support plan, and other benefits. For a full list, check out the product page.
VideoNab is a creation of two Joshes: Josh Kremer and Josh Sears. Josh Kremer is an SEO expert and eCommerce entrepreneur based out of Vancouver, Canada. Josh Sears is the founder of a design company called PaperTelevision, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They’ve worked together for years collaborating on awesome projects like VideoNab.
Yes, VideoNab has been used on quite a few active sites. Here are some of our faves:




You can also see it in action on our live demo.

Absolutely. You can submit a support ticket at any time here and our team will address any problem you may run into (within reason of course): Submit a Ticket
Heck yes you can. Feel free to submit a review under the “Reviews” tab on the product page. Please log in first using your VideoNab account, as it will then allow you to post a review as a verified buyer of the plugin.
We would love that also! You can submit your site and a brief overview of how you’re using VideoNab via out contact form. We’ll select a new case study on a (mostly) monthly basis, which will boost your traffic and street cred.

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