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The two talking cats

Stina and Mossy usually fight instead of communicate, so this was an odd moment. They kept "talking" for about one hour, constantly.Thanks for all the positive responses!- Update -Alot of questions have been asked concerning their relation to each other, gender and so on. They are not related in any...

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Try to stay SERIOUS -The most popular CAT videos

Cats are simply the funniest and most hilarious pets, they make us laugh all the time! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along with dogs and other animals, get scared, make funny sounds, get angry,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? 🙂 Hope you li...

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Cutes dogs | Cutest dog in the world | Cute dogs clips 2016

Thank you for watching videos :)Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE channel NHD-TV 📺 ! Watch also our other videos!📺 Video-Playlist: dogs | Cutest dog in the world | Cute dogs...

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Funny Cats in Water Compilation 2015

Cats in Water and Love SwimmingSubscribe:

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Cat mom hugs baby kitten

thanks to for being the first to write about this video and to for making it viral. And for all nice comments as well. :)lots of comments on video, cant read them all but a lot are spam and nasty - thats why they are now disabled, sorry....

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