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Rad Movie Trailers

We just so happen to be huge movie fans. Most people are of course, but our interest just might border on obsession. That’s why we were sostoked when the folks at chose VideoNabPro to power their site.

This wouldn’t be possible without VideoNab’s latest feature: Date-based video aggregation. In normal speak, this translates to this: VideoNab will now pull videos from YouTube not only from the topic you choose, but also within a specific date range. So, in the case of RadMovieTrailers, they’ve set there filters to look at only the latest, just-released videos falling under the topic of Movie Trailer. It’s as simple as that, and BOOM, they have a site that instantly grew in popularity and traffic. Due to the viral nature of movie trailers, their site has already grown and gained a slew of Facebook Likes and consistent traffic. Every share on Facebook trickles back to the site, which has created a truly organic level of growth in a matter of weeks.

We worked hand in hand with their team to properly setup the site, and you’ll see how simple it is in our video tutorial here (as well as seeing an overview of this powerful feature):

You can see the full series here, which also serves as a complete overview of VideoNabPro.

The Basics: How RadMovieTrailers Works

Honestly, it was almost too easy considering that the entire site is built 100% around the VideoNabPro functionality. As with any topic, there is some fine tuning to be done before VideoNab pulls the exact videos you need. However, VideoNab provides incredibly accurate results based on any topic, so that’s a given. With RadMovieTrailers, they were up against literally thousands of movie trailers from the beginning of movie making. YouTube has a trailer for virtually every movie ever made, so how would VideoNab only grab the most recent?

The key comes down to the date settings, but also some fancy topic troubleshooting. We used this with  a combination of date filtering to pull, in a nut shell, the following:

1. Only new movie trailers should be pulled from a pool of thousands of non-relevant videos. Thus, we set the topic to “Movie Trailers”, and set the date settings to: Grab videos from the past [10] days”.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.20.30 PM

This was a good try and the results were decent. However, YouTube’s vast audience sometimes likes to post old movie trailers, so simply grabbing videos from the last couple of days wasn’t enough as it grabbed every trailer, even if they weren’t actually new. VideoNab was grabbing newly added trailers, which wasn’t specific enough despite the admirable results. No big deal, we just need to tweak a bit! Spoliers: It only took one more setting tweak.

2. It’s about combinations. We’ve tested VideoNab on some of the most obscure topics from the most specific dates you could imagine, and the results are always the same: It simply works. Any topic, any date range, and the videos flow in exactly as expected. From tabloid scandals, historic videos posted on the actual date, to topic-based tutorials, cute cat videos, and of course… movie trailers! With This example, we simply needed to update the topic and the Date settings. Check out our solution below that yielded the extremely accurate results found on RadMovieTrailers.


That was it! Only 2 steps: one tweak and we were golden. Suddenly RadMovieTrailers was filled with relevant, NEW movie trailers and no fluff.¬† The best part? VideoNab makes the site 100% automated. Every single hour, it goes back to YouTube and looks for new videos. Every. Single. Hour. You can see the setting above, which is key: The Event scheduler. Set this bad boy to ‘yes’ and your life is looking pretty good.


Videos were automatically sorted by date, placing the newest first and then going back in time. Everything needed to power a viral video site, including the Facebook sharing and voting system, full HD video playback, and commenting system are all provided by VideoNab. Videos are organized in a fancy list, just like so:

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.56.33 AM


How RadMovieTrailers Made an Instant Impact

Shortly after launch, RadMovieTrailers had over 1000 likes and shares on Facebook. And by shortly, we mean in 2 days. You see, VideoNab is built from the ground up as a viral marketing machine: Each share, and each share of a share on Facebook, trickles (or surges in this case) traffic back to your site. You can fully embrace the power of viral videos, and we all know how fast they spread.

Check out RadMovieTrailers Here

Every like, every share. It all shows on your site, and can also carry over to a Facebook page, as it did with RadMovieTrailers’ Facebook page. Not a bad day’s work. Special thanks to the folks at RadMovieTrailers for letting us be part of their awesome project!

Get Yourself a copy!

VideoNabPro isn’t only the most powerful YouTube video sorter software available, but it’s incredibly affordable. We offer a basic and Pro version. RadMovieTrailers was made possible only by VideoNabPro’s advanced date aggregation features. Get your own site started now, it’s not even close to being limited to movie trailers!

You can get your own copy of VideoNabPro here.